home-picMy name is Dominic van Deyk, I am German brought up by a Welsh stepfather and fluent in either languages.
I finished my studies in music education at the "Frankfurt Academy of Music" (HfmdK-Frankfurt) in 2014, ever since living off the music entirely.

My repertoire includes pop music (1960’s-2010’s), folk, Irish folk and Originals. I had recent successes, performing in several TV Shows and in front of big audiences around the country performing my own songs as a songwriter (check out the videos below).

At your event I can accompany my singing on the guitar and/or piano.

Currently I have specialized in performing at private and company parties, weddings, wedding receptions etc., either solo, with a friend as a Duo (Guitar, Cajon, two voices) or as a Duo with my partner (Guitar, Vocals, Violin).